Over 115 hospitals using Who Are You across the UK.

30 new NHS hospitals announced in 2018 already.

Live in all 33 Ramsay Health Care hospitals throughout the UK.

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Who Are You - The Credential Checking Service

Who Are You Ltd is a UK based credential checking service, which brings hospitals and companies together to help provide safer healthcare. The service provided by Who Are You Ltd helps hospitals to ensure that anyone carrying out their work within the hospital is adequately trained and fully compliant with the hospital's designated protocols.

Each hospital that registers with Who Are You Ltd defines the entry requirements for each area of the hospital which a salesperson/contractor needs to adhere to. This web based portal will provide hospitals with visibility on who is on the premises at any given time, what they are doing and why they are there. Nobody will be able to access vulnerable areas without having their credentials pre-checked by Who Are You Ltd.

The objective of Who Are You Ltd is to provide you with the peace of mind that any professional visitor is safe and fit for purpose, reducing risks to patients, staff and the hospital.

*Premium registrations carry a cost.